Program Evaluation Services

Program evaluation can be critical in successfully documenting, maintaining, and improving a program, funded project or organizations effectiveness. Whether you are a small organization, a government agency or an international program, the research team at T-STEM is prepared to support your Program Evaluation needs. We offer a suite of services that may be obtained individually or as a complete program evaluation offering. Services include identifying the evaluation questions, establishment of logic models, selecting evaluation design, and execution of a customized program evaluation.
Dr. McCauley








T-STEM tailors services to the specific needs of your program and organization to create a custom, stakeholder driven evaluation. Our consultants are experienced with several different types of evaluations including impact studies of research programs as well as educational and social service program evaluations.

Products & Services

  • Program Evaluation
  • Determination of the most appropriate type of evaluation
  • Development of logic model
  • Design of data collection systems, instruments, analysis, and reporting
  • Development of computer based data collection approaches
  • On-site and remote team support
  • Customized data management tools
  • Ongoing program and project support

Dr. McCauley

Dr. McCauley has the expertise, credibility and rare ability to succinctly explain difficult concepts to a technical audience, classroom of 5th graders or to a courtroom jury. She has served as an expert for the plaintiff and defense with a history of providing her expertise to various insurance companies, corporations and individual legal teams.

Our Team

Program evaluation team members have extensive backgrounds in the design and delivery of assessments for the federal government, private foundations and various other agencies. Team members hold advanced degrees in the fields of social science, behavioral research, industrial engineering, and psychology.

Process Integrity

Program evaluations are conducted by an experienced research team in the strictest confidentiality. Each project is conducted within the criteria and guidelines of the organization, funding source and/or stakeholders. T-STEM places particular emphasis on the integrity of qualitative and quantitative data analysis and the inclusion of all stakeholders in the process.

Evaluation Fees

Program evaluation fees are based on the unique needs of each organization and the level of complexity of the project. Rates may be reduced when there are multiple evaluation projects from the same client that can be coordinated to reduce data collection and analysis requirements.

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