Moving Forward with Global Innovation

Hello, from New Zealand!

After arriving in New Zealand, my body has barely adjusted to the time change. I am happy to report, however, that the enthusiasm that I have for being here under the Fulbright Program is incredible!

Working with the JCDR

This collaboration between Dr. David Johnston, Executive Director of the JCDR (Joint Centre for Disaster Research) and the Fulbright Specialist program, in combination with National Science Foundation funding, has been in the making for the last 2 years.

Disaster Research

Collaboration for the Future

Since I arrived, I have been introduced to an outstanding researcher: Dr. Miriam Hughes. Dr. Hughes is an Applied Social Scientist with an exciting research focus and an incredible passion for her work. As we sit and make our introductions, the conversation moves to an easy discussion among mutually-respected professionals. We quickly gain an appreciation and admiration for each other, as the topics range from the challenges and need for innovation, research in disaster management, fuzzy set theory-based modeling, professional experiences, family balance challenges, and career ambitions.  This is amazing!  I have traveled over 30 hours and barely been in the company of this woman for more than that amount of time, yet we have already formed a connection that has the potential for tremendous collaboration.

Female Professionals in Global Society

I am overwhelmed with the knowledge of how wonderful it is to be a woman in today’s global society. I wish every woman could feel this way as it fuels the desire we have to move forward, supporting each other as we become leaders. We must keep this momentum moving, as my dear friend Marsha Reeves Jews reminds us weekly in her Keep it moving! Radio Show.

Marsha Reeves Jews, from Radio Show “Keep it moving!”

Marsha Reeves Jews

Moving Forward with Innovation

Indeed, while there is clear evidence of momentum for some of us, I am mindful of the fact that there are many women around the world who can’t say this today. Too often, women in developing nations are not able to capitalize on the things most of us take for granted. With this awareness, I am even more committed to pursuing innovation and encouraging women to lead internationally.

Let us celebrate each other as we lead, innovate, inspire others, and make a difference for the global society. Please see the article that ELSEVIER Connect published on March 8th (International Women’s Day!), which details steps you can take to be an effective leader from my book – Transforming Your STEM Career Through Leadership and Innovation.

Sharing with Passion

Follow your passion and share it with others. I’d love to hear your story of collaboration that empowered you to lead and innovate! Please post your story on any of my sites, in my comments, or through my Facebook and Twitter pages. Let’s get talking, so we can move forward with greater collaboration and effective female leadership!


With great confidence in you,