Introducing the “Women in STEM: Innovation and Leadership” Book Series

The Women in STEM: Innovation and Leadership book series was founded in 2019 by Dr. Pamela McCauley to encourage women in STEM to publish their stories while giving them the resources and support network they need to do so. Citing her own struggles to pursue a career in STEM as a young single mother, Dr. McCauley led the initiative to signal boost the stories of women in STEM around the world. By amplifying the messages of these women who have found success in fields where women are scarce, Dr. McCauley hopes to provide inspiration for the next generation of women in STEM subjects while setting the standard for the treatment and advancement of women in the workplace.

According to the NGC project, “Women make up half of the total U.S. college-educated workforce, but only 29% of the science and engineering workforce.” This disparity is even further pronounced in engineering and computer and mathematical sciences. Yet studies have shown that women in STEM directly impact the level of innovation, economic returns, and the environment on a global, national, local community, and individual scale. Women in STEM tend to focus more on innovations that have social relevance. Their achievements tend to impact communities, families, and children.

As the world has seen, the question is not whether there are women who would succeed in STEM careers to make a global impact – women have been behind some of the most profound scientific and technological advancements of the last few decades. The question is why these women aren’t encouraged to achieve in the same way that their male counterparts are. It is the mission of {Series Name} to help change that status quo.

The Women in STEM: Innovation and Leadership book series team is comprised of women who have been recognized for their achievements in STEM fields, including engineering, physics, technology, and beyond. Each one of these women has a unique story to tell about their struggles in earning their degrees and finding solid footing in male-dominated fields. Each of these women has amplified her message by publishing a book of her own.

Currently, Dr. McCauley is preparing for a webinar on Monday, July 27, to meet interested writers and discuss the protocols for submission. Head over to our Contacts page and send us a message to learn more about attending. Submissions for books open on August 3.

If you’d like to learn more about why you should publish your STEM story, read our page titled, “Why Publish a Book?” For more information on the publication process, check out our webinar here. If you’d like to contact Dr. McCauley or one of our other team members, click here to send us a message. For the latest news and updates on our series, click here to read our blog.

The world needs you to share your STEM story. We look forward to being your partner on your book publishing journey.