Join Together against Gun Violence

A warm-hearted thank you goes out to everyone who responded to my last blog post. It touches my heart that so many of you care in the same ways I do, and I greatly appreciate the passion and concern that was expressed.


Join Together


If you’re just joining the conversation, that’s great too! To get you caught-up: my last post was a call to action, to utilize community collaboration, innovation, and brainpower as our “secret weapon” against gun violence.


Moving Forward


In order to move forward, I want to hear more! Do you know of a product or service that could reduce the tragedy of gun violence? Does your company produce an innovative technology or system that can help prevent gun violence? Are you involved in a research project that you want to highlight as part of the solution?  Is your corporation or institution interested in supporting the collaboration of computer, material, social, and physical scientists, as well as engineers, mathematicians, medical researchers, and mental health professionals? Do you want to be a part of a force that will develop integrated, practical, and soon-to-market gun violence solutions?


I’m looking for sponsors, scientists, speakers, fundraisers, and other volunteers for a national workshop. This diverse group would come together with the goal of establishing an effective dialogue for mapping out our nation’s plan to move forward.


We need to make a difference. We can only do so by taking action.


Get Involved!


Please get involved or give your support by expressing your interest in sponsoring this national workshop. Subscribe to this blog, or send a message to me at so that we can discuss your ideas.  Together, I’m confident we can develop solutions to address the issue of gun violence through innovation.


In addition, please don’t hesitate to respond to this blog with personal opinions, experiences, and beliefs on the topic. This is a safe and open place for discussion. Let’s expand our understanding of the situation, so we may increase our chances at finding a solution – quickly.


With Great Confidence in You,